Humble Bugs is committed to helping parents and kids learn the importance of building character.

The Character Building Kits are delivered on a bi-monthly schedule (every other month). Each of the Character Building Kits is well-planned and organized to include activities for both children and parents. In addition, each kit comes prepared to touch each of the different types of learners (visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic). The kits are targeted towards kids between the ages of 4 and 11, but with parental guidance all ages can enjoy. Humble Bugs is confident that these kits will help to reinforce the character value that each kit teaches.

Who We Are

In 2016 two sisters, Sarah and Kari, wanted to provide more fun and exciting information to their own kids to help them build character. Searching for what they desired, lead to nothing they felt would really help, thus Humble Bugs was born. Teaching families about character and celebrating character is the epicenter and a cornerstone to the company. Sarah and Kari both have 4 kids and they are the joy of their lives.

Kids are our focus, we believe kids character improves in the presence of three simple things which are intertwined throughout every kit: 1) knowledge, 2) confidence, and 3) a family support system.

We believe that the world is full of character and teaching our kids about character will lead to a better today, tomorrow, and forever…and that is something to celebrate!

About Us