Fun Halloween Experiments

In my last few posts, I have probably over used the phrase ‘fun’, so in trying not to be too rendundant, this next Halloween idea goes beyond fun and safely lands in the realm of A-MA-ZING!!!  Today I have not one, but TWO uber cool experiments that your kids will go crazy over!

The first experiment is called ‘The Mad Scienctist’


For this experiment you will need:

  • a Cylinder or Any Containter
  • Pie Tin or Plate
  • Witch’s Blood (Dish Soap)
  • 1 lb. Crushed Bone (Dry Ice)
  • Tongs

Before we continue on I want to talk briefly about dry ice.  First, you should be able to find dry ice at your regular grocery store.  Second, handle dry ice with extreme care!  Dry ice is EXTREMELY cold and can burn skin in seconds so always use gloves or tongs when handling it.  Lastly, because dry ice is so cold it will actually ‘melt’ in your freezer within 6-8 hours, so buy it a few hours before you are going to use it.  The more dry ice you have, the longer it will keep, but to be on the safe side always buy within a few hours of use.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the fun part…


To start place your cylinder on the pie tin for easy clean up.  Next fill the cylinder half-full with warm Goblin’s Spit aka water.  When I did this with my kids they LOVED hearing about the Goblin’s Spit, Witch’s Blood and Crushed Bone, they kept asking me if it were real (wink wink).  If you are using a Cylinder, make sure that you have pieces of dry ice that are small enough to fit inside. Drop the dry ice into the water, it will begin bubbling and producing a smoke.  Honestly you could stop here and your kids will be 100% amazed, but why should we when we can make their chins hit the ground!!!


Next, take the Witch’s Blood and add a squirt to the cylinder, then watch what happens! A column of bubbles push out of the mouth of your cylinder. Don’t be afraid to grab those bubbles and give them a squeeze! The bubbles will burst with an amazing explosion of fog.


My 2 year old had been off to the side playing with some toys, but when he saw the bubbles he had to come and investigate.


The three older kids and I had moved on to the second experiment, but this kid still wanted the bubbles to play with and to be honest, I don’t blame him 😉


Our next experiment is to make some Ghostly Goooooooo (make sure to read that last word in a spookey voice)!

For this experiment you will need:

  • 1/4 C. Goblin’s Spit (Water)
  • 1/2 C. Essence of Ghost (Cornstarch)
  • Bowl
  • Whisk


Have the children help you mix the essence of ghost and goblin’s spit together in a bowl with a whisk or spoon. While mixing take it slow, this is NOT like whisking eggs.  Once mixed, let the kids poke the goo, which they will find to be a solid.  Then have the kids pick up the goo…it is now a liquid! How cool is that!!!  Even my husband had to get a little poke in to believe that the Ghostly Goo was in fact a solid. This experiment can get a little messy, so make sure you have a sink accessible for the kids to wash their hands in.


As an added bonus, we have another free printable for you with the intructions on how to do these experiments.  I’ve even added an ‘extra-extra’ bonus with the recipe for Witch’s Brew!  I figure if you are going to get dry ice for The Mad Scientist Experiment, you may as well get a little extra to use in making some Witch’s Brew.


Download The Free Printable Here